My Riding Story

This December will be the third anniversary of my grandmother's death.  I still have a hard time dealing with it because she was such a big part of my life and I spent just about everyday during my grandmother's last year with her, first for six month before she was sick and then taking care of her when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  My life changed the day we found out about the cancer.  My family had been incredibly lucky up until that point when it came to our health and well being and it felt like the floor was pulled out from under us.
When my grandmother was sick I needed something that was my own.  I didn't have anything in my life that was "mine" and that I could get lost in for just a little bit of time.  I needed an outlet or I thought I was going to go insane.  I had ridden for a very brief period of time when I was younger but due to poor instruction and the closing of the barn I gave it up.  I always wanted to go back and 15 years later I w…